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Attention all fine arts photographers: If you’re looking for a family-run, all-service print shop located in a great community (with off-street parking!)….AND you need a printer who really knows how to work with artists….well, apply your brakes now! Symbiosis Printing is the place!

Allow me a little back-story. I am trained as a film photographer and I’ve had to be carried, kicking and screaming into this digital world. I am not going to admit how much money I’ve wasted on Photoshop classes. Let’s just say I’m in heaven when I’m shooting on location, but mention things like “levels” or “aspect ratios” and I immediately break out in hives.

Enter Jeff at Symbiosis Printing. First and foremost, he really understands an artist’s mentality. Generally, we are a difficult bunch to please. (Apologies to some of my past printers, who are probably off somewhere doing therapy right now) Jeff is patient and kind and listens very carefully to my needs. He is that hard-to-find combination of a highly skilled technician and someone who has a real appreciation for the arts.

And for those of you who need a little “proof-is-in-the-print” evidence, I recently exhibited some of my “Jeff” photographs right along side some of my older work. Another documentary photographer, an Australian who also works in B&W, asked if the new photographs had been worked up from film. No, I told him…but added that this was quite a compliment. The photographer immediately asked how he could be in touch with this “new printer guy.”

Finally, for those of you who need other services like business cards, postcards, menus, etc, the turnaround time at Symbiosis is quite fast. And, if you’re like me you will first need some time to wander around the shop and check out the many samples. Jeff’s lovely wife, Kath, will make you feel very much at home. And if you happen to arrive at the right time you even might meet a most adorable little boy named Nicolas. If you stop by give Nick a “high-five” for me!

As for Symbiosis Printing, I send a big “high-five”, “two thumbs up” and all the stars I am allowed. I am one very happy customer.

Working on Melinda's photos

Working on Melinda’s photos